Therese Deslippe

Physics Major
Hometown: Lancaster, PA

FullSizeRender-2         Therese Deslippe started mock trial while she was still in the womb. Her mother could hear her screaming objections while she watched the original law and order. Therese came out in a full suit, ready to take on the competition. She trialed throughout high school, and was thrilled to become a part of the Mac Trial family. Her heroes are her captain’s cat Lumus, Tucker, and Riff Raff. Add her on Snapchat @theresedeslippe


Liza Michaeli

Major: Critical Theory and Comparative Scatology
Hometown: Lust, Purgatorio


Liza (aka Lie-za, Lisa, or Leesa; Lee-za) — commonly confused with Liza Minnelli, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, even (her favourite (yes with the ever-pretentious ‘u’)) lizards — has been in the bloody-gory, sometimes existentially apocalyptic, often hazardous, always pulchritudinous, Mock Trial battlefield since her high-school commencement (that’s about six years, for the ever-unconcerned Einsteins out there). Aside from thinking, writing, and self/psycho-analyzing, Mock Trial is The (capital-t) endeavor to which she devotes, rather enthusiastically, her entire life. It’s from the very little things, like hearing her heels click on the wooden courtroom floor, to the tremendously life-altering things, like staring into a judge’s eyes and genuinely affecting him with her dicti (or so she thinks), like having the agency, in a matter of minutes, to transfigure the flimsiness of Foucauldian discourse into pure, unadulterated pathos, even poetry, that incites in her the fire, rage, and passion to continue. Liza actually resents the legal system (read: everything) — that being, laws, courtrooms, judges, juries … the nefarious concept of justice — for its inflexibility, its corruption, its insufferable (to her) disingenuity, but derives a masochistic pleasure from its (always) deeply vitriolic embrace. Aside from oratory, Liza enjoys excrement (believing it to be the most wondrous, nuanced, taboo-ed stuff in all existence), ‘pissing’ people off with rancid — though religiously honest — witticisms, and her favourite, her friend, her one and only love, Freddie (i.e., Friedrich Nietzsche). After sampling drops of her own excrement, Liza has dedicated her life to what is most sublime: refuse, corpses, acrid smells, and barf.


Max Harrison

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Max mock trial Max decided to join mock trial at Mac after being on the debate team in high school. In addition to doing mock trial, he occasionally writes for the Mac Weekly. Although he is undecided as to a major, he is considering Political Science or International Studies.


Hoang Anh Phan

Biology (Biochemistry emphasis), Mathematics
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

hoang anh     Hoang Anh is a first-year from Vietnam, but she went to a boarding high school in Pennsylvania for 3 years before coming to Macalester. Since high school, her curiosity and diverse interests have earned her many fun experiences — from winning state awards in science research, and presenting her independent research in biochemistry at a national symposium in Washington D.C., to winning a Best Delegate Award at a national Model UN conference last summer in Vietnam. With that being said, Hoang Anh decided to join mock trial because she loves challenges and she delves into anything that is intellectually stimulating. Thanks to mock trial, she has made many great friendships so far and she’s looking forward to having a great time with Mac Mock Trial team in years yet to come. Outside of mock trial, Hoang Anh enjoys doing science, reading, listening to music, drinking tea, writing scripts for short plays, laughing life off sometimes, and like other earthlings – sleeping, and eating good food.


MJ Carpio


Hometown: New York, New York