Grade 13

Lindsay Chauffeur

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Lindsay “Livers” Chauffeur has been doing Mock Trial since 4th grade. Her training has been rigorous since then, averaging 40+ hours a week dedicated to mock trial. Where most kids ate ice cream, made friends, learned how to ride a bike, or went to school, Lindsay has been preparing for the big leagues. Her high school didn’t take the activity too seriously, but that doesn’t mean Lindsay hasn’t. Emerging from the shadows she is ready to take on the collegiate sport of Mock Trial. She lives and breathes Mock Trial. She capitalizes Judges no matter the context, denoting her respect to the score givers, much like the religious denotation of Him. All of her communications are styled in the form of statements, directs, or crosses. She is not afraid to cut you off if you run out of time. All interactions, people, places, things, are given a subjective score ranging from 1 to 10. Macalester College ranks a 10 on Lindsay’s scale because she loves it here and loves her Mock Trial family. Lindsay requests people to know she is 18 years of age.


Annah Crowe

Fashion Studies
Hometown: LA, LA


Before coming to Macalester, Hanna did Mock Trial for two years in high school. It is counter intuitive that she performs so well even though she doesn’t have a brain. She is currently on a journey that she hopes will culminate in her receiving a brain. She has made so many new friends by doing Mock Trial, one who doesn’t have a heart, and one who lacks courage. Even though Hanna loves it here in Minnesota, she misses her hometown Los Angeles, because there’s no place like home.

P.S. Hanna’s nickname on the team is Scarecrow

Qian Wang

Hometown: Beijing, China


Qian Wang is a 13th-grader from Beijing, China. He attended Beijing #4 High School. This is Qian’s first time doing mock trial, under the direction of his beloved teacher and mentor Therese. Qian has a wide variety of interests, including piano, basketball, philosophy, and food. Qian loves foods such as tofu and pizza, but he dislikes cheese. He most important thing to know about Qian is his love for waffles. You can find Qian every morning, faithfully, at the waffle maker in Cafe Mac. Qian majors in waffles. After graduation, Qian plans to do something related to waffles. Strike to motion.