Macalester team 1022 takes 7th at St. Paul Regional, Qualifies to ORCS!

MJ Carpio '18 shows off her witness award and Mac's bid to ORCs

MJ Carpio ’18 celebrates┬áher witness award and Mac’s bid to ORCs

After a grueling weekend of trialing at Hamline University, Macalester team 1022 placed 7th at the St. Paul Regional with a record of 4-4 and a CS of 22, beating out six other teams in a tiebreaker to take the bid to the Opening Round Championship Series.

Elliott Averett ’15, MJ Carpio ’18, and Max Wang ’16 received individual awards for outstanding performance.

Mac team 1023 faced an extremely difficult schedule and ended the tournament with a record of 2-3-3, splitting ballots with some of the top teams at the competition.

Liza Michaelli ’18 received an attorney award with 20 ranks.

The tournament tab summary can be found on AMTA’s website.