Program History

Macalester’s Mock Trial tradition began in 1994. That year the team placed first at the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) Silver Flight National Tournament in Milwaukee, WI.

Two years later in 1996, the team surpassed all expectations when it placed second out of 64 teams at the National Championship Tournament in Des Moines Iowa. Toby Heytens, Jenny Hunter, Emily Lindell and Dave McGinnis were named as All-Americans.

In 1997 the two Macalester teams made another trip to AMTA’s national tournament where the A team took third place, and the B team also placed in the top ten. Katie Wiik and David Hancock won All-American Awards.

In 1999, the A team took sixth place and the B team took eighth. Joelle Blomquist, Niloy Ray and Alex McBride were named All-Americans.

2001, Macalester’s Mock Trial team finished seventh at AMTA’s National Championship tournament. Eric Hogstrom was named as an All-American.

2002, the Mock Trial Team ranked fifth in the nation. Ryan Murray was named an All-American.

In 2004, the team finished in sixth place at the National Tournament.

In 2005, Macalester Mock Trial clinched the regional championship and advanced to AMTA’s national championship. Daniel Burgess and Laura Bower earned All-American awards.

2006 brought a return to the top ten for Macalester Mock Trial. The team took fourth place. Laura Bower received her third All-American award, along with Christine Elliott and Paul Swartz.

In 2008, Macalester once again made it to the National Tournament, though without a top ten finish. Etie Lee Grunfeld and Cali Cope-Kasten were named All-Americans.

In 2011, Macalester made in back into the top ten at AMTA’s National Tournament. The team took fourth place, splitting a close final round with Miami University (OH). IndiAna Gowland, Samantha Gupta and Nathanael Smith were named All-Americans.

In 2012, Macalester took seventh place at AMTA’s National Championship Tournament. Samantha Gupta and Nathanael Smith each received their second All-American awards.

In 2014, Macalester returned to the National Tournament, where Brett Campbell received an All-American on both sides of the case.

In 2015, Macalester once again returned to the National Tournament, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Li Guan received an All-American as a witness.